Strength of Spirit

Know that we are SURVIVORS and we are UNDAUNTED.

When you walk the ancestors’ path and cry their tears…

When you see a painting of the Trail of Tears and think about sorrow and tragedy…


About all that our ancestors achieved.

About the amazing legacy they have left us.

How proud we are of the ways they overcame their challenges.

We honor the strength of our ancestors and their determination to survive.

We can do no less for ourselves.

Their strength and grit flow in your own blood.

Life is never easy. There will be struggles.

But we are not victims. We are a RESILIENT people.

That is the true symbol of the Trail of Tears:


Never forget.

YAHOKE, ikana! Thank you, friends. Much GRATITUDE for spending time on a Choctaw Journey with me.
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Artwork: “Trail to Beaubien” by Dawn Chandler. View her art at Dawn Chandler Studio

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